Help us build the next wave of photography planning apps

We have paid summer internships available for smart, motivated software developers. Our last summer project turned into a major new mobile app, so this is a chance to have a real impact. We're a only a two-person outfit (you'll primarily be working with me), so you'll have a front row seat on how an independent app development shop operates.

We're looking for one or two people to help us build out new apps, features, functionality and/or back end services. We have a wide variety of projects available, including:

  • Augmented Reality (iOS/Android)
  • 3D Virtual Reality (iOS)
  • Map-based enhancements to existing apps (iOS/Android)
  • New Map- and AR- based mobile app projects (iOS)
  • GIS-based back-end services (mapping, digital elevation model, API design/development)

Any of those grab you? Get in touch (details below)!


We're looking for computer science students who love to write code. We're not expecting a ton of prior experience - in fact, if you can show us you're a super-quick study, you might not even have any experience in a particular technology. If you're not a comp sci student, then tell us why you think you're a good fit (previous projects you've worked on are usually great proof points).

Show us you're an efficient problem solver and a self starter who can research, analyze or improvise your way around technical roadblocks.

Our apps are a mix of the standard and the obscure. If you're intrigued to understand the differences between a loxodrome and a geodetic curve, wonder whether we need to worry about proper motion, or debate whether to shard by latitude or longitude, you'll probably fit in well. 

Ideally, you'll be available to work more or less full time for the summer (Jun-Aug 2018) - 8 weeks or more would be great. There are continuing contract opportunities beyond the summer too.


  • iOS: we have lots of Objective-C, but tend to write new code in Swift
  • Android: our current codebase is Java, and that makes us sad. Kotlin sounds nicer
  • Backend: we love node.js and run applications on Heroku; Redis and CDNs are fun

Check out our current technology stack on



Our office is in Boulder, Colorado. Our preference is for people who can come and work locally, but we're open to remote working for outstanding candidates.

But really, a summer in Boulder is a very nice thing - come visit!


Interested? Drop us a line at

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