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Desktop Web App

TPE for Desktop is the original version of the program, and is the outdoor photography planning tool used by tens of thousands of photographers, amateur and professional, around the world.

TPE's core purpose remains the same as ever: to provide an elegant, visual way to plan the natural light of the sun and the moon for your outdoor photography.

Free to Use

The web app is free to use.

It's a great way to get started learning about photography planning. Try it out today to get a sense of the sort of information you can learn.

Once you're ready to go further, consider our mobile apps to take your shot planning to the next level.

No download required

There's nothing to download or install with a web app - you simply open it directly in your browser.

You'll need to be running a modern web browser to use TPE.

Share your Links

You can copy, save, share and edit the URL (link) in your web browser's address bar, making it easy to save shot plans as a Bookmark.

If you have one of the TPE mobile apps, you can open the same link directly in the app!