Understanding Light (2nd Edition)

with The Photographer's Ephemeris

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If you understand light and how it affects the landscape throughout the day, then you'll have a good basis to begin making good landscape images. In this eBook, Stephen Trainor covers the principles of understanding light using The Photographer's Ephemeris, while Bruce Percy provides case studies that illustrate how the application may be used.

This eBook covers subjects such as colour temperature, geodetics, twilight, sunrise & sunset, astrophotography, and how the quality of light varies through the day.

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Sample page: Lofoten Islands case study

Sample page: Lofoten Islands case study


Bruce Percy

Bruce Percy's landscape and portrait photography possesses one of the most distinctive visual languages of our time.

Bruce has travelled to some of the world's most unique and fascinating locations exploring the margins of light in a stylish and cohesive body of work.

He teaches photography through workshops and a series of highly approachable e-books covering all aspects of the art.

Stephen Trainor

Stephen Trainor is creator of The Photographer's Ephemeris and a keen photographer.

During the journey towards developing TPE, he developed a broad knowledge of natural light, atmospheric and astronomical phenomena that affect photography, which inform many of the features in the app.